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Dewey Dell

Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgiumPremière1st and 2nd December 2011
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Implementation and development

The project addresses emerging realities of the artistic and cultural landscape throughout Europe, with particular attention to the Mediterranean area. Through a public competition at European level, Focus in the first year of activity intends to select dei research projects that best meet the topics of the contemporary scenario, with the purpose to support and document the productive process carried out by a new generation of artists.

Throughout the first phase of the project a support to the production will be enacted by means of two main approaches: on the one hand, facilitating meeting and exchange with the other partners and guaranteeing the greatest possible access to information and resources (both human and technological) to be set in motion and made available by the project; and on the other, laying down a European itinerary for the progressive presentation of research/works which will verify the evolution of the work. 

During the second phase a further activity of support to the production will be carried out, with a further selection of 5 projects chosen between ones selected during the first year, and with the circulation of the projects in festivals and showcases within the network of the co-organisers and partners.

The Announcement of Competition addresses a new generation of European artists and authors, in particular from the Mediterranean area, whose artistic and productive processes best relate with the concept of the project through the recourse to interaction and contamination among different domains (performing arts, visual arts, scientific and technological language).  

Selection procedures will be based on an approach that will consider the excellence of the projects, starting from experience and knowledge background that partners have developed with their activity.

Furthermore, throughout the two years of the project, workshops, round tables and exchanges carried out by a network of organisations (production centres, spaces of residency, festivals, research institutes and universities) will be organised.

Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts is also intended as a new stage in the process of evolution and intensification of the cultural relations between the artists and European structures, starting a debate on contemporary production in order to support and develop co-production projects and to bring about a net of distribution throughout Europe, especially in the Mediterranean area.