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Dewey Dell

Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgiumPremière1st and 2nd December 2011
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Residencies and production activity

The production of the selected projects will be supported, during the two years of the project, through two main channels:

- on the one hand, through residencies in different cultural spaces (Pontedera, Prato, Ljubljana, Napoli, Noto, others). During this periods of residency artists will have the opportunity to meet and share experiences and will have the possibility to use different resources, also technological, to develop their researches

- on the other, through the creation of an European itinerary (Florence, Pontedera, Rome, Paris, Zagreb, Prato, Noto, Santarcangelo, Naples) for presentation of the new works in progress that, in the final phase of the project, will be presented in their definitive form within the festivals and showcases organised by the co-organisers and partners of the project.

The residencies, which will have a duration from 15 days to one month, will comprise hospitality, rehearsal and working spaces, technical and audiovisual equipment.

The indicative residency periods are:


  • Ljubljana - April 2010
  • Pontedera/Prato/Florence - May 2010
  • Naples - September 2010


The public presentation of the works will take place at the following venues:


  • Ljubljana - April 2010
  • Prato/Florence (Fabbrica Europa and Contemporanea Festivals) - May 2010
  • Santarcangelo - June/July 2010
  • Naples - September/October 2010
  • Rome (Teatro di Roma) - October 2010
  • Noto (Teatro Vittorio Emanuele) - March/May 2011
  • Prato/Florence (Fabbrica Europa and Contemporanea Festivals) - May 2011
  • Seine Saint-Denis - May 2011
  • Zagreb - (June 2011)