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Dewey Dell

Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgiumPremière1st and 2nd December 2011
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Additional activities

Workshop / Meetings

With a series of workshops, meetings and round tables, the project will furthermore provide opportunity for in-depth discussion and debate, elements that are central to training that we conceive also as a time for reflection and intellectual growth.

One of the starting points is the realization that at present the most advanced research on the themes to be explored by our project is carried out above all in northern Europe; our intention is to develop a discussion forum with the help of experts and researchers also at the level of Mediterranean countries.

Think Tank

To ensure that the subjects under discussion be thoroughly investigated and to monitor the development of the different phases of the project, a work group of experts, scientists, critics and cultural operators will be set up.

This group will intervene both in the meetings and the discussion forum, but above all will have a role toward artists" needs monitoring the progress of activities.

A key role will be also that to support with competence this new generation of artists in developing experiences which will allow them to enlarge their horizons and their creative processes.

Publications / Video documentation

Throughout the project, working diaries will be elaborated to follow the entire progress of activities. The material collected will then be included in a final publication as a memoir of the experience gained and as an instrument for the documentation of new creative entities.

The project will furthermore be documented through videos showing all the stages of elaboration of the various projects, the workshops, encounters and debates, and of course the different finalised productions.

Forum / Final presentation

The project aims to create a common space for exploring the questions raised by the impact of scientific research on contemporary performing arts, encouraging and assisting a new generation of artists together with scientific researchers in obtaining the skills and experience necessary to enable them to develop and expand the horizons of the creative process.

A forum will be organized with the aim to foster encounters between artists and professionals and to generate synergies for promoting the dissemination of the productions. It will also include a part devoted to debate and discussion, with conferences and round tables with European artists, researchers, programmers and critics.

In this context, the videos prepared and the publication devoted to the project will also be presented.

Database / On-line collaboration platform

The project also includes the creation of a database in the form of an on-line collaboration platform to contain all the material collected through the response to the Competition Announcement.

Later this platform will become one of the means used to follow the development of the projects selected; as time progresses it will acquire more and more contents and information.

The platform will be structured so that all the various European partners can introduce and exchange information and contents in any digital form and at any time.

This will make it possible to monitor the on-going progress of the projects, but it will also be one means by which the results will be promoted so that the entire project gains full visibility.

After the end of the two-year project the platform will continue to exist and will become a continually up-dated instrument providing a space for the most innovative creative research carried out throughout Europe.