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Dewey Dell

Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgiumPremière1st and 2nd December 2011
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The primary focus of the project will be the European artists. By creating a large Euro-Mediterranean collaborative network artists will enrich their experiences, develop their skills and be enabled to develop shared working practices and identities. This new 'space' made of European cultural and research centres will encourage the production and circulation of artistic products and a trans-national collaboration among creative and scientific professionals in Europe.
Artists (choreographers, theatre directors, musicians, visual artists) and researchers will have the opportunity to work together during periods of residency and moments of reflection and debate in different European centres of the Mediterranean area, where they will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and develop their projects.

Focus therefore encourages the mobility of artists, researchers and operators, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to creative research. 

The project aims also to favour a radial and non-centralised conception of culture, establishing a European platform including also cultural centres in cities (Pontedera, Mondaino, Prato, Noto,) at the peripheries of the big cultural capitals, but where a rich web of creative activities is developing.