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Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgioDebutto1 e 2 dicembre 2011
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Until the 80's the Estruch was a fabric dyeing factory that was part of the industrial district of Sabadell. Due to the social changes of the city from the industrial economy to an industry based on services, the area was then passed to the city that after
a make over that transformed the Estruch in a arts production and creation center, that first opened in 1995

During the years the center have become a landmark for hosting and supporting artists, particularly in the field of dance, nationally and internationally.

Inside the Estruch there is also the area called Nau, dedicated to the visual artists where workshops and art installations take place.

The coexistence of artists of all kinds inside this art center made possible to create a synergy reassuring the integration of the arts in the multidisciplinary matter and the experiment of new creative languages.

More then the support of developing artistic creation, the Etruch also carries out educational and public awareness programmes for its audience, highlighting its true sense of being a multidisciplinary center for the development of contemporary art.