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Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgioDebutto1 e 2 dicembre 2011
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Instituto para el Fomento de Contenidos de Creaciòn - IFCC

L' Instituto para el Fomento de Contenidos de Creaciòn (IFCC)IFCC is an organisation primarily interested in dance and theatre production as well as in the field of audiovisual and new technology. Its activity during the last years has been oriented in formative courses, held in important Spanish structures such as "Escuela Superior de Cinematografia de Catalunya" (2005, 2006, 2007), or planning a master at the university in Spain, Argentina and Chile entitled "Creation and management of Cultural projects" (2006).
Among other activities, IFCC has participated in several documentary project where young artists have the chance to meet and work together, and on this purpose it organises laboratories in foreign countries in order to create a situation in which it is possible to open up to a different social environment and live right in contact with it.

IFCC participates as a co-organiser in order to be a part ot the networking that the project aims to create, by putting together the most advanced artists in the field of new media art. Being involved in such a project means for IFCC to experiment a unique situation where artists and scientists are living together and cooperating. This kind of project is perfect for IFCC, which is interested in any new expression in audiovisual art and new technology.
Artistic residence is also the way of working that IFCC supports, for it connects experience and creativity in a place apart, stimulating expressions and emerging ideas. For the residence space IFCC will be in collaboration with l'Estruc in Sabadell, resident centre specialised for artists operating in new media field.