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Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgioDebutto1 e 2 dicembre 2011
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The International Festival of New Theatre EUROKAZ since its founding in 1987, has presented numerous artists and companies from all over the world and has established itself as the frontrunner theatre festival in South-East Europe. It takes place annually in Zagreb in the second half of June.

EUROKAZ stands for more than one discipline. Its radius encompasses theatre, dance, live art and other related art forms. The concept behind the programme emphasises the impulses that change our habits of perception and push with innovative procedures the developments in theatre forward. EUROKAZ often dedicates sections of its program to specific themes which investigate contemporary theatre phenomena (for more details see "program concept").

EUROKAZ beyond its international program regularly showcases sections of the national scene, from independent Croatian companies to innovative performances produced by repertory and national theatres. EUROKAZ has also been involved as a producer and co-producer in projects with local and international artists. The attainment of support of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb has propelled these activities to the forefront since January 2010. In the multimedia venue Gorgona situated in the Museum's new building, EUROKAZ programs regular seasons of performing arts which include producing and presenting on a monthly basis EUROKAZ's own projects as well as guest performances.

The EUROKAZ festival program often includes related discussions, symposiums, screenings, workshops, concerts and exhibitions. In 2001 EUROKAZ became involved in publishing and has published three books until now. Also in preparation are editions covering particular segments of the local theatre scene in the sixties and seventies .

In 2008 EUROKAZ started a program cycle of public debates about theatre and cultural issues under the title Eurokaz Saloon organized monthly in the festival headquarters in Dežmanov prolaz. This is also a location where the activities of Eurokaz pogon (workshops, rehearsals, screenings, lectures) take place throughout the year. An intensive collaboration with the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb is yet another input in the artistic development of the new generations of theatre makers. This theatre season EUROKAZ co-organizes, together with Academia moderna, regular public discussions Critica criticae which have as their theme the analysis of theatre criticism and reviews on current performances from the repertory of Croatian theatres.

EUROKAZ is a recipient of public funding from The City of Zagreb and The Croatian Ministry for Culture.

EUROKAZ is an artistic association registered at the Croatian Ministry of Culture