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Muzeum is an independent non-profit institute for art production, distribution and publishing established in 1996. Its core was a conceptual theatre (Muzeum theatron "to see" established in 1993), a study of the image-word, space (architecture)-time, movement-gesture, music, (7 auteur theatre projects). Since 1999 the Muzeum's flexible strategy has resulted in a production of strings of projects which focus on invention, creative challenge and mobility of mind.
The performing arts projects were staged in different Ljubljana theatre institutions (Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Drama, Slovene Mladinsko Theatre, Cankarjev dom, Opera and Ballet House). The performances were presented at the festivals in in Austria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Croatia, Albania, Armenia and Italy.

Muzeum Institute has focused from its very beginnings on first projects, theater projects by diverse authors coming from other sectors (visual arts, music, architecture, intermedia, light design, art history, theory). The projects has delved into research which bridges the praxis and theory in an interactive way.

In 2006 two theatre performances were produced Molière in co-production with Ex-Ponto festival (B51) premiered at Mladinsko theatre in Ljubljana and Rodin II in co-operation with Sonček - Cerebral Palsy Association of Slovenia, and premiered at Stara Elektrarna, Ljubljana in October 2006. Winter's Tale performance was premiered in collaboration with Festival Ljubljana in December 2007 as a first part of a trilogy conceived by Barbara Novakovič, in Septermber 2008 the second part Uncle Vanja and 12 bouquets was staged as a part of Ex Ponto festival at Old Power Station, Ljubljana. Since September Barbara Novakovič has been working with the NGO alcoholism treatment center on performance (drama text by Tone Partljič) that is going to be staged in November 2008 in Crnuce Cultural Center. On the 14th of November the premiere of Elisabeth Bam by Daniil Harms will take place in Muzeum production.

Muzeum Institute was a coordinator and developer of several initiatives - in-country (Mobile Theatre Network),and internationally (Gesture in Cultural Heritage of Europe, Continental Breakfast) - these projects strengthened its networking with several partners from many fields of cultural activities round Europe.

The Continental Breakfast - Memory (W)hole exhibition, Ljubljana Castle was produced by Muzeum in September 2005. The Continental Breakfast project was conceived at the CEI Venice forum June 2003, organized by Trieste Conteporanea Committee. The aim of the project was to promote the contemporary visual arts new initiatives in Central Eastern Europe. It consisted of the international curatorial conference, the conference of performances, and the exhibition which afterwards toured in a site-specific variant to the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje and Museum of Contemporary Arts in Banja Luka.

International muzeum Project in 2000 called serendipity invited to the city of Ljubljana a guest-artist Peter Greenaway and offered to him a possibility to create a site-specific project, presented his artistic(film)production and published an accompanying theory book.
In 2002-2003 Muzeum produced three installations under the title Theory Open I-III: The Shirt of San Francesco (Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana), St. Lazarus (City Gallery Ljubljana) and Sta. Teresa (Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana), author Barbara Novakovič. In 2003 a Re:construction Act explored the visual-architecture-theatre(stage) sign relations of the Moderna galerija facade.
International exhibition Paperwork was presented at The City Museum of Ljubljana (Gallery Vžigalica) in January 2008 with the artists from Slovenia, M;acedonia, Serbia.

Muzeum has published several publications, performance catalogues, books and exhibition catalogues plus the regular newsletters.

Muzeum's role in the project will be that of developing some topics coming from either performing arts research and the mathematic field. Our organisation is interested in hosting workshops, debates, conferences and work-in-progress activities in order to investigate the common area that two such diverse disciplines may share.