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Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgioDebutto1 e 2 dicembre 2011
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Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Noto

In 2000, the province of Siracuse and the town of Noto decided to join in Foundation for the promotion of cultural events within the Theatre Vittorio Emanuele, a neoclassical building located in Noto, UNESCO World heritage.
In the past seasons, other initiatives (festivals, congresses, conferences, etc. that have enriched the cultural offer) have alternated with the program of the season, becoming a reference point for all those who wish to benefit of a high-level cultural offer, unique in the province of Siracusa. It should be pointed out that Noto's theatre is the only one, born as such, currently practicable in the province of Siracusa. Furthermore, educational and cultural initiatives were added in order to promote the spread of qualified professionalism among young people in the territory, thus increasing skills.
In recent years the achievements have been considerable and meaningful: since 2005, the number of subscribers and viewers has grown significantly (from 160 subscribers in 2005, we increased to 240 in 2007/08 season) and, in addition, the billboard was enriched with shows of "theatre for children", the "school of theater" and the "school of theatrical criticism" for the youth of the territory, initiatives that have created a new audience next to the one, now consolidated, of the classic season. In addition to the activities mentioned until now, the Theatre hosts a series of events of national importance (jazz music, festivals, symposiums, master classes, etc..) which make it a cultural hub of great importance in the province, but always careful not to ignore the realities and local human resources, maintaining a constant dialogue with them, supporting the training and creativity of young people who want to express themselves through art.

The Foundation believes strongly in the cooperation among different cultures, the mobility of artists with a policy of experimentation and mutual enrichment. We also believe that the geographical position where we are, is focal point of encounter of civilizations of the Mediterranean.