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Punta Corsara

Scampia Auditorium Theatre is Punta Corsara core place.
The overall set of activities of Campania dei Festival Foundation three years long cultural project generates from the idea of entwining four main possible aspects of work: theatre programms, performance productions, artistic workshops and a specific training course for actors, dancers, technicians and managers.
From January 2010, Emanuele Valenti and Marina Dammacco, as artistic director and project manager, take up from Marco Martinelli and Debora Pietrobono's directions 2007 - 2009.
Punta Corsara current goals corcern both the commitment to turn Scampia Auditorium Theatre into a permanent cultural and artistic public centre for Scampia and Naples citizens, and the importance of gathering up a group of young skilled artists and managers willing to run Scampia Theatre, being aware of the closest territorial environment as much as of the farthest one, stretching out from Naples to the country, constantly dealing with national and international scenarios.
Since 2007, the theatre program has involved renowned national artists coming from all over Italy, together with young artists, focusing on different languages (playwriting, contemporary dance, music). All these artists shared their own works with audience both from the city centre and the suburb, running public meetings and workshops as part of Punta Corsara training course.
This specific course addressed twenty two young people aged between 18 and 21 years (10 actors and 2 dancers, 5 managers, 5 technicians) provided with a scholarship. During the last three years, they've been taught by the most quoted up actors, directors and managers actually working on the field in Italy. The training course ended up with the very first Punta Corsara theatre production, Fatto di cronaca di Raffaele Viviani a Scampia, directed by Arturo Cirillo, students' teacher and director, who decided to involved both the students and professional actors on stage, carrying on the process from rehearsals to the première during Napoli Teatro Festival Italia second edition. This production is now touring in Italy.
Furthermore, Punta Corsara company is currently involved in its second production based on Molière's play Il Signor di Pourceaugnac and directed by Emanuele Valenti.
Besides theatre focused activities, several artistic workshops has been held throughout the years, to represent a real chance for youngsters from Scampia and Naples to express themselves through art and to participate with their own city's daily life. Ongoing workshops concern animated films realization, brekdance, street band, theatre, juggling.
Furthermore, Punta Corsara project promoted a social inquiry focused on Caserta area surrounding Scampia district. A group of writers, researchers and photographers has been asked to report issues, conflicts, events, hopes and potential arising from Caserta area social conditions, turning this inquiry into five telling texts of words and images.
‘Terre in disordine' by Maurizio Braucci and Stefano Laffi has been published by Minimun Fax publishing house. It includes all these texts.
From such statement, it follows up how joining Focus project gives to Punta Corsara a big chance to widen up its national and international network of possible cultural partnership, beyond the Neapolitan setting. In this way, Punta Corsara keeps underpinning its idea of theatre much closer to research, creative residence and open dialogue more than simple performance.