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Dewey Dell

Grave BUDA kunstencentrumKortrijk, BelgiumPremière1st and 2nd December 2011
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Cube 01

A documentary of innovation for
European contemporary production

Since the new digital technology, which provides a new creative reading to open to new forms of audiovisual art, we want to participate in Focus Project, in order to bring together experiences of the new community of documentary and audiovisual creators, who will work in the processes of creation and production to be consolidated in the next two year in the Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts project.

Our work on audiovisual interaction in relation with Focus European project is to establish a working methodology capable of forming two lines of exploration from documentary work and creative teams that are defined by the objectives of the project. 

In the same way as in the movie Cube, of Vinzenz Natali, we want to establish audiovisual modes with relationship between the argument (The creative Work) and characters (Artists). As explained in the project objectives:
Aim of this project is to find ways of conveying this hidden beauty. We shall discover and build analogic vocabulary of visual, kinetic and aural forms, based on the rules of perception that are well known to visual artists, performers, musicians.

We believe that many European projects of artistic production are not filmed in depth, and that many times the rich experience of the participants escapes to the viewer that can receive process information creative work from a different perspective.


Andrés Morte Teres.
IFCC, Instituto para el Fomento de Contenidos de Creación.